LoloLanski Sentenced To 4 Years 🔒:

With the release of “The Rise & Fall Of BIBO” tonight for subscribers – we figured it would be best to explain the jail/prison situation regarding rapper LoloLanski in more detail. If you’re new to the blog and scene in general – make sure you’re caught up with one of our first CP’s in LoloLanski […]


We look at multiple situations in todays 🎥OTD, with some being more news-worthy and viral than others. Write-up released later tonight! 🎥 # 1: GTA 6 – BRAMPTON EDITION 🎥 # 2: Lolo Learns His Shitty Lesson 🎥 # 3: Citizenship Or Love? 🎥 # 4: Netbanger IRL (Type of content you 👀 in our […]