Rapper PNB Rock Fatally Shot πŸ’₯:

Today’s been insane in terms of the amount of headlines that we have been seeing across Canada and now in LA, with the disturbing video footage of PNB Rock’s shooting. We are completely swamped as of now but we will be releasing a piece on SMAN (lilmans brother) and later tonight progressing into the overall stories that have captured us.

Let’s get right into it. Rapper PNB Rock was allegedly with his family (girlfriend) when he was riddled with bullets inside of a Roscoes in South Central LA. The following footage would usually be exclusive to our vip members but because we already publicized the video on our instagram platform (6ixak_tv) – we decided to release this for everyone.

Before we get into how he was potentially located, let’s watch the very disturbing footage πŸ”ž. His body was still moving, so there is hope.

The crazy thing is that it was apparently his own girl that revealed the location…

pray for him. we’ll keep you guys updated.

Here’s his last video that he posted on his story:


We beat TMZ 🀣🀣🀣 – HERE’S the TMZ article.

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