Mani Amar Killed After Altercation:

There has been many rumours going around as to who the murderer was, in regards to Mani Amar’s tragic death. Instagram accounts have even surfaced that have intended on seeking out justice, as the homicide suspect was actually recently released on all charges. Take a look.

Who could the killer be?

We have reason to believe that this individual was the neighbour that got in the violent dispute with the film-maker.

Here’s an instagram account thats based solely on calling him out. @Killerofmaniamar


A man was found in medical distress in the 14100-block of 61 Avenue in the Newton neighbourhood. That man has been identified as a Port Alberni individual by the name of Mani Amar, who was a great individual that allegedly had 3 kids. He was killed after apparently getting into a dispute with a developer who had lived across the street. Some sort of object was thrown and the man was found dead on the scene. A suspect has already been arrested. Case seems to be solved, just a very tragic one.

The crime scene β€” a residential area less than a block away from Woodward Hill Elementary School β€” remains cordoned off Wednesday evening.

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