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Meninder Dhaliwal/Sat Gill Homicide: πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ

As always, we get the drop first. We were hit with some ridiculous news on July 24. One of the Brothers Keepers big dogs was shot to death in Whistler, BC. The other, Sat Gill, was allegedly celebrating his birthday weekend in the resort town and ultimately lost his life by being in the wrong place, at the wrong time. They were gunned down outside a whistler saloon and a car was found engulfed in flames at Creekside.

Two individuals were later arrested and revealed to be Gursimran ‘Simba’ Sahota and Tanvir Khakh (2 Juniors that belong to the United Nations set). It is revealed that they are cousins, but continue reading to understand a little bit more about them below.

For those that do not know, Meninder’s older brother Harb was recently killed in the Cardero’s incident (click here for full details in a beautifully written piece).

MD was the individual who chased down the killer and stabbed him repeatedly.

The united nations definitely gained points in regards to the leaderboard that we have set up. Even though they got 2 big names, it’s still important to realize that the shooters ultimately lost them some points as well. They burned the vehicle, had a get-away ready and still managed to get caught under a few hours? Impressive work by law enforcement. (originally written July.24)

The following footage is very graphic and viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Shocking footage of slain BK member MD (Passenger side) and associate Sat Gill (no association to the gang) by the drivers side.

Rest in paradise Sat Gill and MD..

Vehicle engulfed in flames as usual.

Now there’s plenty of rumours as to how the 2 suspects got arrested, but bottom line is that law enforcement acted quick and efficient and got these guys locked up within a hour after shooting. Gursimran is as loyal as they come, and the 24 year old vowed vengeance even after both Kalkat brothers got shot to death in retaliation for Karman Grewal. Tanvir on the other hand, is a bit younger and is expected to fold when it comes to the interrogation room.

Apparently though, investigators seem to only have gun residue and wild/erratic driving away from the scene on the two and the case is rumoured to be pretty weak.

The shooters, Gursimran and Tanvir.

Heres a legendary picture of Simba

Simba with the late, great, Slice.

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