Maple Ridge Fatal Homicide Shooting: 💀

A daytime shooting in Maple Ridge took the life of a man, last Friday at around 11:40 AM.

Of course, we were first to break the news.

Due to us being held back in having to catch up in the content releases, it’s been tough to get a grip on the daily news-scene. We’ll get consistent with it again, so get ready. 🚨🚨🚨

Click here for Global News piece on the situation.

Take a look at us breaking the name almost 24 hours before major outlets.

We have been delayed today as well in some of our released. Get ready though, we’re active now – just had a rough start in the morning due to personal issues.

The shooting comes after 30 year old David Chavez, a known drug trafficker was shot to death whilst inside a taxi. The taxi driver has survived, and is recovering from the dangerous incident.

His facebook name was different. RIP David and Cory.

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