July.30 Double Murder Suspect: 🔒

Click here to read details that was published by CTV in regards to Jordan Krishna and Robeen Soreni’s killer being charged. It’s quite surprising that law enforcement have wrapped this up so quickly, and we stick by our original statement published in our original article; in that this was a drug deal gone wrong.

The killer – Bryce Dallas Campbell is a 25 year old Surrey native who successfully managed to escape on foot after blasting bullets into all three of the men. They got him a few days later.

Seems like someone didn’t like the killer… take a look at one of the fake profiles he had associated to him.

As usual – we’re the most accurate and we were the only ones that reported Khosa aka Tooshort being the one who was still hanging on for his life, on life-support. Media outlets literally had Krishna’s family contemplating on what was going on; take a look.

Rest easy Jordan and Robeen…

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5 months ago

Smoking on that mujj Jordan bihhh we BK

We got more...

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