Engaged Couple Found Deceased 😱:


What a start to the week, and when we thought we would be able to sit-back and get our videos complete with subtitles (last thing to do) – we were hit with another tragedy. Yesterday – we posted an alert via our platforms, on a couple that had been missing since Oct.14th, 8:30 pm. They were last seen in the Burnaby area (Madison Ave & Hastings) and were linked to a 2022 Grey Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT. An active investigation was underway; and we have just found out that the incident at Alpha Secondary School in Burnaby, is linked to the couple:

It turns out that it wasn’t just 1 dead at Alpha, but it was 2 people – a DBOY that goes by Mickey/Mikey (first name may be Umair) and his soon-to-be wife.

Rest In Paradise

As of now – we believe this to be linked to the ongoing gang-conflict, and that’s because we have had multiple reports indicating that the male in ‘Mickey’ was a successful DBOY. It’s extremely disturbing considering that the innocent female had her life taken as well, and it seems as if the two were kidnapped and held against their will.

This will be a massive story that we’ll see across media outlets in the coming days/weeks.

We originally received a message from one of his close friends, and we assumed these two would have been found.



  • Only updates as of now is that we were correct in our initial discoveries. The two have been confirmed to be dead and now major outlets have also shared the same information we have. In fact, we will be including possible suspect information/motive behind the homicides in a little write-up at 6 pm pst today.
  • Umair is now being confirmed to have been known to law-enforcement as we previously stated. Sooner than later everyone will find out that this guy truly got his soon-to-be-wife killed, and that’s because of the lifestyle he was involved in. Some have even claimed that she was some-what involved.
  • Recent article with LATEST UPDATES
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Daniel Swarek
Daniel Swarek
5 months ago

Great journalism this is why you the goat 🐐

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