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We’ve been overloaded with the recent homicides and have delayed our daily 🎥OTD releases, but we’re back with a few highlights. We’ll be looking at two different scenarios, one more graphic than the other. Expect us to get back on track with news-worthy VOTD situations for you guys.


The first incident seems like a masterplan that was scripted by the likes of some BIBO demons such as Shmoney, and the suspects involved seem to fit that wild and youthful image that those DBOYS possess. Though we don’t know either of their names, we decided to include this because of how relevant the whole ‘drip’ and expensive designer wave is to these DBOYS, and has ultimately consumed our society. “According to the complainant, the theft occurred at approximately 7 pm on August 30. The complainant advised a man came into the store and tried on some glass frames worth approximately $1,500. The man then allegedly exited the store in possession of the frames and without paying,” RCMP said.

A monetary reward is available if anyone has information on the suspect who fled the store.


Our next situation is very graphic and viewer discretion is strongly advised. The only reason this isn’t uploaded on our VIP blog is because it’s a news story and it’s one that should be talked about a lot more.

We’re going to get right into the video before explaining why and how this story has been silenced, even though it should be going viral across the world.

It was an execution caught on CCTV, no other way around it. It really makes no sense whatsoever, as we have a society and culture that tells us to follow whatever it was that this guy did, in order to make it another day. We’ve all been told that life is more precious than a valuable or a wristwatch for an example, and if a day comes where your life is being threatened for an object or item – we’re told to just give it up. Poor man did everything right, but he was up against a very unstable man who has been ordered without bond.

The more disturbing part about the whole thing is that it literally received zero media coverage. It has now started to make headlines across the USA, but given how brutal and vicious this really was; it deserves the attention of the entire world. We still can’t get over the fact that he got shot in the back of his head for following orders and commands that he thought would be enough to ensure the safety of his life.

For more information regarding the tragic homicide of Parmvir Singh, you can click here for the most detailed article. All in all, it just shows you how deceiving of a system the US has; as the suspect in Chris Copeland, 26, was living on the streets as a homeless man for a whole year. Before that, he was in jail his entire life for petty crimes. This man needed a hospital and to get help mentally, but now it’s too late.

According to the detective, the video shows the suspect standing over Singh’s body to retrieve the spent shell casing. He then looked at the security camera, ripped out what he thought was the DVD recorder box and fled the store, the detective said.

Before the robbery, Copeland was seen inside the Dollar General store across Thomas Street from the Chevron. On their security camera, he could be seen wearing the same olive hoodie, yellow T-shirt and colourful pyjama bottoms. An employee at that store recognized Copeland and identified him for police.

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