All of our videos for today’s πŸŽ₯OTD will revolve around headlines and news-worthy scenarios.

They all occur in Canada, and more specifically in and around BC.

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Our latest episode covered a brief introduction as to how the table will be designed/etc.

πŸ“° # 1:

This same poor girl was also boxed in the head repeatedly by a professional boxer, whilst her and a friend vacationed in Mexico. It happened only a few months after she was stalked.

Anyways – we’re surprised the creep in Mohammed Majidpour had his charges stayed in that weird situation where he followed the girl for almost an hour.

Surprised he didn’t get released/bail like this nasty criminal ⬇️.

πŸ“° # 2: Machete Attacker Disappears After Receiving Bail –

Kenneth Stephen Solowan, 37, is wanted on a B.C.-wide warrant after allegedly breaching his release conditions.

VPD do it yet again! No idea why he got bail, but he did.

The 37-year-old is accused of attacking two strangers who were loading luggage into a taxi outside the Hotel Empress, a single-room occupancy hotel near Main and Hastings streets, on June 19.

He is facing two counts of aggravated assault in connection with the incident.

πŸ“° # 3: A Couple In Love Bear-Mace A Way Out Of The Boutique Store –

A true downtown Vancouver love story:

Investigators say one suspect is a woman in her 30s wearing all black with a medical mask covering her face. She browsed for a while before selecting a purse and briefly posing in a mirror.

Meanwhile, a male accomplice came in and, when the woman tried to leave without paying, sprayed staff in the face, grabbed some clothing off a rack and ran out.

Not sure why everyone has a can of bear-spray on them, but it’s getting ridiculous now. They should put a ban on these things.

πŸ“° # 4: Ruffians May Not Have To Sell Drugs Any Longer

πŸ“°πŸ“°πŸ“°πŸ“°πŸ“° BIG NEWS !!!


Who dating him? ⬆️


China has some serious basketball fans. And to make it worse, they’re very racist:

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