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We’re going to bring back one of the viral videos that we pushed on our platforms, a few months back. The video revolves a Toronto Punjabi woman who famously went on TikTok to dance on requested songs from the audience. Unfortunately, a DBOY was in attendance of her live and had asked her to dance to a Certi2x (a vicious hitman/rapper) track.

The rest was history.. but we got some more history to add.

Now – heres where things get even more funny. For some reason, because of how big our platform was and how viral this had gone – PrincessJass (dancer) started to accuse us as the perpetrator who was present on her live, asking her to dance to the song. Obviously this was completely false, as we have no association the Tiktok platform – but because of how viral I knew it was going to be, I had to post it.

A few months went by and she actually asked us to take down the video, so we did – as requested.

But for some reason, she went back on the platform to dance to another Certi2x audio 🤣. I guess she realized how viral the first one made her and therefore thought she could repeat the process. This time, she made sure to get her girl-band involved. We aren’t too sure if this one received the same initial reception and response as the original video, but it’s still gold.

Friendly reminder to any female or anyone for that matter that wants to go on live camera; to please be careful and make sure you aren’t supporting (or dancing in this case) a vicious gangster who has been severely engaged in the criminal underworld. Fortunately for Jas, she has no involvement to any sort of gang or set and actually has a good head on her shoulders.

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9 months ago

She’s so butt 🤢

Hood Nurse
Hood Nurse
9 months ago


9 months ago

What track is this?

We got more...

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