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Today’s video of the day will feature the viral story out of YYC, in which law enforcement end up killing a very troubled man. The man, Latjor Tuel, had a very difficult upbringing and was suffering from severe PTSD issues during the incident. You can read here and pretty much anywhere online about how the killing broke down communities (specifically the sudanese). The relationship between coloured immigrants and law enforcement is one that is already strained enough, but this just amplified it that much more.

There was multiple tactics they could/should’ve used in controlling this unstable and uneasy man.

His GoFundMe raised well over 6 figures and the family is using that in the fight against justice.

Lets hope they see the results they deserve.

Rest Easy.

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9 months ago

do tasers not exist????? buddy didn’t even have a knife at that point wtf

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