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Our first video got @thedirtynewz disabled we’re pretty sure and it has to do with the situation out in Alberta. Arman Dhillon just got smoked and an individual found some of his close associates and called them out on live camera, which later was sent to us. Rest in peace AD. We actually respect these two for not carrying on with the energy that the demon was displaying, and if they really don’t go out and avenge their brother or whatever the case may be; we respect that.

Violence should never be answered with more violence. Anyways, heres the video:

RIP AD. You guys know where to look on the blog if you want to read more about him or see more.

Our 2nd video is the most news-worthy out of the 3, as footage surfaced regarding an angry mob of Hindu extremists whom ultimately were trying to attack Muslims. Police officers were getting glass bottles thrown at them, it was just a whole ruckus.

The third video that we included in today’s 🎥OTD scenarios is one that went viral on Tiktok in the Surrey area. Basically two seniors at a hospital were getting at it with each other:

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