Today’s video of the day was posted on our Instagram feed @6ixaktv. Most of you have already probably seen it but for those that haven’t, we’ll introduce you to rapper-turned-pornstar ThugPun. Basically we received intel that the rapper who’s been trying to go mainstream for about 20+ years, has transitioned his talents to the porn industry. Before we take a look at the Video of the day, take a look into some of Pun’s videos. Keep in mind that his brother’s homicide/disappearance has still not been solved to this day, as he was allegedly taken from his bedroom. We will definitely get into this more with a detailed profile.

His legendary beard

Without further a due: the 🎥OTD –

People were going nuts after watching this clip of ThugPun, in which he seems to be involved in a porn shoot. It turns out that this was all apparently apart of one of his many musical projects in “Rotten Apples”

Skip to the 3 minute mark and you can watch the porn scenes 🤣

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