Social Media Snitchin’ – Week 1️⃣:

We initially started these quick little write-ups of self-incriminating incidents on our old blog, however we all know how that ended. It’s honestly just a reminder on why these gangsters don’t last too long on the streets and a big part of that over the last decade; has been social media. We’ve been covering high profile gangsters to the low level 📲 workers for quite some time now, and one of the things we enjoy speaking out against or highlighting is the very stupid and dumb decisions that these kids/men make.

In todays day and age, we see a lot of these guys going on the gram’ or on snapchat showing off large sums of 💸, and though that may be a pretty dumb and self incriminating thing to do; taking a video of you attempting to 💥 someone and potentially murder them AND then later posting it for the 🌍 to see – TAKES THE CAKE by far.

In the first clip you see the Ruffian gangbangers rolling in a vehicle, with one guy in the backseat being the 🤳🏾 guy, one guy ducking for his life while the driver/shooter is busting 💥 at what we believe to be: Bushes.

It wasn’t until this 2nd clip when I realized that those Ruffians weren’t shooting at no bushes, they were actually trying to 💨 an old associate of theirs. Little did they know, he had a 📸 in one hand, and an illegal firearm busting shots in the other.

Click here, for a detailed breakdown we did on the Ruffian set. Expect more like this for other sets.

It’s surprising that no one was hurt in this altercation, either because these guys can’t aim for 💩 or they were shooting fake bullets 😅. They do get credit for potentially being the dumbest gang in the west coast. Let’s hope they learn from their mistakes as these guys can’t make it any more incriminating for themselves at this point.

Our next situation revolves around a YYC dboy known as Yash. He isn’t as self-incriminating as the Ruffians, but he’s probably just as dumb. This guy is frequently recorded just being a menace to society.

Take a look…


There’s a few more we’ll save for later. But his most recent viral video regarding his stupidity was uploaded on our platforms.

Yup.. same dude. Somebody tell him to stop making a fool out of himself before he gets featured on our VIP Only 🤡OTW series.

Our last set of videos that define self-incrimination at its finest, are videos recorded by highschool students. They were allegedly attempting to threaten and instil fear in their enemies.

These very kids are going to grow up into the likes of drug dealers and convicted criminals. Based out of surrey, the youth are really starting to implement themselves in this trend more and more; where the riches and luxuries of drug trafficking are appealing ages younger and younger. It’s got to stop.

Let’s continue to shed shed light on it.

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