Daily Recap 📰🎥:

MAKE SURE YOU’VE CHECKED OUT OUR UPDATES ON THE RECENT BREAKING NEWS IN VISHAL WALIA’S HOMICIDE, AND THE ENGAGED COUPLE THAT WAS FOUND DECEASED. We’ve included major updates, such as a visual on one of the suspects that were arrested: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cj94CcNqesZ/ NEXT INTERVIEW IS WITH A FEMALE 😉 We’re going to include our 🎥OTD in […]

$250K Reward: Most Wanted – Rabih Alkhalil 🐺:

UPDATE (TIMELINE ON RABIH’S ESCAPE): 6:48 p.m. White Econoline van carrying Alkhalil and two others posing as contractors, left North Fraser Pretrial Centre and travelled westbound on Kingsway Avenue. 7:30 p.m. Staff advised Coquitlam RCMP that Alkhalil had escaped.  7:43 p.m. Code RED at NFPC 7:56 p.m. Fraser Regional Correctional Centre warden Rick Lacroix texted […]

Engaged Couple Found Deceased 😱:

(UPDATES BELOW) What a start to the week, and when we thought we would be able to sit-back and get our videos complete with subtitles (last thing to do) – we were hit with another tragedy. Yesterday – we posted an alert via our platforms, on a couple that had been missing since Oct.14th, 8:30 […]

UBC GolfCourse Fatal Shooting 💀:

The 3 suspects who were arrested in Burnaby were revealed today: (1 youth can’t be named) Vishal when he was a baby ⬇️: Reports have came in regarding the shooting at UBC’s golf-course this morning. A 38 y/o was pronounced dead at the scene and we have had multiple sources confirm the victim to be; […]

Founder Of Punjabi Mafia (Toronto) Dead 💀:

Breaking news has hit the streets of Brampton and Canada in general, as the founder of Toronto’s Punjabi Mafia in Sukhjit aka Sunny Dhaliwal was found deceased in his garage this morning. He was allegedly at the house by himself, before one of his friends and the girlfriend (of the friend) went to go drop […]

Brampton Justice – Guryodh Khattra 🙏🏾:

A little over a year ago, the city of Brampton and GTA in general was stunned when the 26 year old Guryodh Khattra (Joey) was shot to death inside his home. During the shooting, his mother was also injured and received non-life threatening injuries in what is still seen today as one of the most […]

YYC FOB – Set Profile Intro:

Police say before two clear sides evolved, it was just a group of friends selling drugs and enjoying the easy lifestyle it could buy. Some apparently had a clubhouse in Edmonton, where sources say the sister of several men, later involved in gang activity, was raped. Others claim the violence began when a group of […]

Leader Of FOB – Trong Nguyen Killed 😱:

RCMP say the victim of Friday afternoon’s carefully executed attack in a hamlet just outside Calgary was well-known gangster Trong Minh Nguyen. – CTV FINALLY PUBLISHED AN ARTICLE! The 38-year-old was identified as a leader of the FOB (Fresh Off the Boat) gang that feuded with the FOB Killers in a violent turf war that […]

LoloLanski Sentenced To 4 Years 🔒:

With the release of “The Rise & Fall Of BIBO” tonight for subscribers – we figured it would be best to explain the jail/prison situation regarding rapper LoloLanski in more detail. If you’re new to the blog and scene in general – make sure you’re caught up with one of our first CP’s in LoloLanski […]

2 Pit bulls Kill Baby & Toddler 😱:

VIEWER DISCRETION IS STRONGLY ADVISED 🔞 A pair of family pit bulls mauled a 2 year old girl and 5 month-old boy to death, whilst leaving the mother in critical condition as she attempted to fight the dogs off. It’s seems like a script out of a HollyWood movie, but on Wednesday afternoon – just […]