Tanner Fox Charged Again For Murder:

We received breaking news today, in regards to a well known hitman that we’ve previously covered. When Ripudaman Singh Malik was shot to death, we covered a brief story on Tanner Fox and his associate whom were both arrested. We knew something was up, and that’s because a 21 year old kid like Tanner Fox […]

Drug Bust – Viet Operation Dismantled:

On May 16, prosecutors laid charges against Karina Marie Graham, 32, 27 year-old Leo Minh Thach and 40 year old Aaron Trung Thanh Nguyen. All three are Vancouver residents, and have been officially charged after their large-scale operation came to an end with multiple raids in Burnaby, Vancouver and Abbotsford. Four keys of any substance […]

Sheldon ‘RJ’ Narayan: Arrested 🔒

We saw this coming a long time ago. RJ was featured on our ‘Clown Of The Week’ series multiple times, and was even ranked the #1 🤡 on consecutive terms. He was starting to achieve the status of a house-hold name in the west-coast, in which everyone was starting to label him as a ‘skinner’ […]

TheDirtyDaily📰: Brief Recap

We have missed out on a lot of content over the last 72 hours. We will be covering Canada as a whole, starting with the notorious Montreal incident that saw the life of a female get taken, due to the criminal underworld. Montreal has been an absolute mess recently, with more than 50 cars and […]

Body Found in Granville Water:

A lot of rumours are circulating regarding the body found in the water today. Some have claimed it to be a gangster that has been missing for well over 2 decades now, while others allege it to be this same missing man: He was last seen on CCTV footage wearing a very similar shirt to […]

Coquitlam Shooting: One Man Injured

One man was targeted in what appears to be a botched plan set out by gangsters in the lower-mainland. The man was shot in front of a Sushi restaurant in Coquitlam. Emergency responders were called to the intersection of Coast Meridian Road and David Avenue in Burke Mountain on Wednesday at around 7:30 p.m. where […]

Toronto Rapper Flippa Found Guilty Again:

Past Write-Ups explaining Flippa’s situation with his family, including brother Century: Underground rapper and hitman for Toronto’s GGG set – a poverty ridden community known as ‘Jungle’, was just found guilty of first-degree murder once again. It is the second time in 6 months that the 32-year-old Saaid Mohiadin has been convicted of the criminal […]

Duncan – BC: Police Officer Shoots Suspect 🔞

We got breaking footage to release to the public, after an incident erupted this morning in Duncan, Vancouver Island. A police officer and a male suspect were both injured during a crash and a shooting at the North Cowichan Duncan detachment on Friday morning. Police said a second officer then fired his gun at the […]

TheDirtyDaily 📰: BRIEF RECAP

There’s a few different news/related topics that we want to cover, as well as some controversy and much more. As a reminder, TheDirtyDaily will continue to serve as a recap-based piece, that will be released 2 or 3 times per week. Here’s a brief intro that shows us how the last few days have looked: […]


It’s been a hot start in YYC/YEG and it’s actually surprised a lot of people throughout the country. No one would’ve thought at the end of 2022, that Alberta would be leading in every category – regarding homicides. Many have suggested that the root cause behind the increase in gun/gang violence in the province, is […]