Character Profile: Sandeep ‘Skidz’ Sidhu –

With everything that’s been going on in regards to the lower-mainland and it’s gang war that has seen a peak recently, Skidz CP is more crucial and valued than ever. We saw a very powerful figure in Vishal Walia get gunned down by the new generation of ‘gangster’ (in his case, 3 young killers), a […]

LoloLanski Sentenced To 4 Years 🔒:

With the release of “The Rise & Fall Of BIBO” tonight for subscribers – we figured it would be best to explain the jail/prison situation regarding rapper LoloLanski in more detail. If you’re new to the blog and scene in general – make sure you’re caught up with one of our first CP’s in LoloLanski […]

Skidz Chains 🤔:

We promised a banger of a story when it came to Skidz and his whole chain incident that revolved UK rap sensation in Fredo. It’s finally here and you guys are going to understand why we held onto this content for so long. Before the release (available to subscribers in 48 hours) – we wanted […]

Brothers Keepers Set Profile #2:

Part A: 7:19 minute video 🎥: ⬇️ Part B: Oct.2 For Free Users (Tonight For Subs): Part C: Tomorrow for Subs, Oct. 4th for Free members): We will be releasing the write-up to the BK set sequel after all 3 parts are made public. After losing our instagram platforms and access, we will only be […]

September Set Rankings 📊:

This is technically a ranking that begins when our last ended; Lower-Mainland August Set Rankings – which was published 1 month ago, on August the 16th. The following footage is based on the rankings; featuring the HA set at the start of the video and the Ruffians at the very end: HELLS ANGELS 🏍 #1 […]

Retaliation – Toni D/Bailey M 🩸:

While the entirety of BC had focused on the retaliation between the Brothers Keepers and the United Nations; youngsters in Toni D and Bailey M followed the exact same script that high profile gangsters Karman and Harb had gone through. The public was so focused and fascinated in the retaliating gang violence that led to […]

DankMart Intro 🚨:

It’s been well over 2 years since the tragedy that took the life of a very well known entrepreneur in the west-coast. Praised and respected in the Vancouver community, Amin Shahin Shakur had been a victim to gun violence; after he was killed on July.13/20 in a south Vancouver late-night shooting. Found dead near main […]

The Adiwals 🚨🚨:

Our next few days are swamped – in terms of publishing several different highly requested write-ups. We’ll be releasing our Dankmart Intro (only 1 other sequel, conclusion) story for VIP members, later tonight. The actual story won’t be released to the public for at least 24 hours, after launch. Meaning, by 11 PM pst tomorrow […]

The Kang Brothers – Intro

This is a very long read. Before you start, you should familiarize yourself with our Shmoney, Drilldoc, Lololundski, BK Set Profile and COTW edition that stars ARAB. These reads will all help you understand the Kangs, that much more. Randeep Kang (deceased)on left, Sameet Kang (incarcerated) on right. The Kang brothers were another trio of […]

The Truth Behind Chris Sky:

Christopher Saccoccia, widely referred to as Chris Sky, is a conspiracy theorist based out of Canada who ultimately came to prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic. At the height and peak of the virus, Chris was followed by hundreds of thousands who actively engaged in his anti-mask, anti-lockdown, anti-vaccine movements and everything else the Ontario man […]