W1D2: COTD 🔞

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Whats wrong with people these days? 2023 will see a transition in a couple of different series, including our VOTD scenarios for both paid and non-paid members. Content comes from a lot more than just videos, and because of that; we don’t want to strictly specify these daily episodes to clips. Some days became quite […]

TheDirtyDaily📰(01/03/23 – 01/05/23)

In today’s ‘DirtyDaily’ we will be exploring a few headlines across the nation, recent scenarios and visuals, as well as user-submissions and overall gossip. Like most of you, we too are surprised in the lack of shootings the start of the year has seen in the west-coast. Headlines across the country/world are of more importance […]

Ovidio Guzmán’s Arrest: 🇲🇽

CURRENT/NEW UPDATES: Majority of you follow our platform on Instagram or Twitter and have received crucial updates regarding the situation in Mexico, and more specifically Culiacan. Due to the cartel’s overwhelming dominance, we are unsure on whether or not the chaos will spread. Canada has already urged travellers in the country to shelter in place, […]

TheDirtyDaily📰(01/01/23 – 01/02/23)

*DILRAJ JOHAL CP AVAILABLE TO SUBSCRIBERS* *APPLE PLAYLIST CAN BE FOUND ON HOMEPAGE* Guess who’s back? CAPPOCARTEL ⬇️😱🤣 The province of British Columbia had a pretty clean entry into the year, besides the common mishaps that we tend to see on a daily; such as the firework incident at the Vancouver condo. A few media […]

Welcome Back!

TDN VOL.1 Playlist is now available on Apple Music ⬆️ Hope everyone had a solid month and a great end to the year, because we all know how a ‘new-year’ starts in the underworld. It’s a concurrent theme we’ve been seeing, as the years prior to 2023 saw the lives of high prolific criminals getting […]

EOTY Results (2022-2023) 📊

*make sure you hit play on the content for results – if it doesn’t play, just refresh tab!* *Averaging around 5.5k views per 24 hours, with an overall following at 15.5k+; an estimated 1/3 of our entire Instagram audience had SEEN in our polls. 2/3 of our entire audience doesn’t have their notifications set to […]