Certi2x aka Lilman’s Brother Shot To 💀:

SMAN’S MOST RECENT PICTURES: News broke out today from the GTA in regards to a member of the Brothers Keepers getting put down. A shooting erupted in Brampton last night, that ultimately took the life of Naseem Mohammed’s older brother. We’ve already spoken into detail throughout many of our previous stories as to how dominant […]

Rapper PNB Rock Fatally Shot 💥:

Today’s been insane in terms of the amount of headlines that we have been seeing across Canada and now in LA, with the disturbing video footage of PNB Rock’s shooting. We are completely swamped as of now but we will be releasing a piece on SMAN (lilmans brother) and later tonight progressing into the overall […]

Rolling Loud 🩸🩸🩸:

It’s quite surprising that the festival has now completed and has had no reports of fatal injuries resulted by gunshots. Sike – 3 people were just reported to have been riddled with bullets inside a nightclub on Queen st. West, with 2 men being in critical, and the female in minor condition. We almost made […]