Weekly Recap: πŸ“°πŸ“°πŸ“°

We’ll be going over some breaking headlines that Canadians across the nation have come across in the last few days. They range from violent homicides to robberies and even bullying at an extent, in regards to homeless people. Obviously we won’t be including the stories that we already covered, such as the Samra house that […]


Our video of the day will go back into a story featuring a very well known Punjabi kabaddi player, who had ties to the deceased singer in Sidhu Moosewala. It seems as if kabaddi players are getting targeted more and more in India and more specifically in Punjab. We posted one of our first VOTD […]

Dhindsa Brothers: 🚨🚨

One of the biggest mysteries that we’ve indulged in was the double homicide of the Dhindsa brothers, in March of 2021. The case had us curious from the very jump. One of the reasons on how it attracted us is because of how organized and professional the killers moved. They literally didn’t miss a step […]