Today’s top three was a little delayed due to personal circumstances. However we will be featuring songs released in 2022 once again – but this time not limited to BC. Rexdale native PVRX just released his new visual in “Hope You Understand”. Obviously he finds himself on the opposite side of the fence in regards […]


Today’s viral video of the day features a story we covered a while back that takes place back home, in India. Basically a hired Hindustan was paid to do some weird stuff, we had taken action and were illustrated as the mad guys throughout western media outlets. Click here for the article on BBC.

Maple Ridge Fatal Homicide Shooting: πŸ’€

A daytime shooting in Maple Ridge took the life of a man, last Friday at around 11:40 AM. Of course, we were first to break the news. Due to us being held back in having to catch up in the content releases, it’s been tough to get a grip on the daily news-scene. We’ll get […]